Education in the City of Opportunity

Becoming a knowledable culinary professional can be an exciting journey and it can start with culinary training. Students will gain experience and knowledge that cover virtually every aspect of the cooking and hospitality field. The Culinary Arts program at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Los Angeles offers a well-rounded curriculum that’s based on the long-standing French traditions that have made Le Cordon Bleu famous.

 The Program

From day one students will get the taste of life in a real restaurant, as the Culinary Arts program covers all aspects cooking and hospitality. Students study everything from the essentials of food safety and sanitation to studying cuisine from across the world. Through both lecture style courses and hands-on laboratory work, students will learn the fundamentals of cooking. Professional chefs will teach students everything it takes to start a successful course to become a chef themselves.

LA Opportunity

What better place to follow a passion for cooking than Los Angeles. LA is considered a melting pot of cuisine, with virtually every style from around the world, around every corner. As part of the training students are expected to complete an externship, Los Angeles has opportunities for students to start their career in the Culinary field.  

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