LCB-Orlando Chef Instructors take Golds at First Ever Local, Sustainable and Organic Cooking Competition by the ACF

This past Saturday, Chef Markussen and Chef Denlinger Competed in the nation’s first ever Green, Local, and Sustainable Category Cooking competition help Friday, April 24th in Deland’s Artisan Alley. Total, there were four very seasoned Chefs competing.

This was a mystery basket competition that relied on local farmer’s market ingredients to be donated by the vendors at the farmer’s market. The required ingredients included BASKET INGREDIENTS:

  • (MUST USE) Pasture Prime Farm Mangalitsa Pork Loin (Bone in, With Fat Cap)
  • (MUST USE) Locally caught Rudderfish
  • (MUST USE) Tomazin Farm (The Barefoot Farmer) Beets & Carrots donated by Tomazin Farm
  • (MUST USE) Tomazin Farm (The Barefoot Farmer) Cauliflower donated by Tomazin Farm
  • (MUST USE AT LEAST ONE INGREDIENT) Artisan Alley Farmer's Market Table with a variety of pantry ingredients (herbs, eggs, greens etc) donated by the farmers of the market
  • (MUST USE) one variety of grain provided.

They had one hour to make 4 plates of food-set up in the middle of the farmer’s market using only 3 propane burners, and very limited cooking equipment and utensils.

The results were quite tasty!

Chef Markussen was the high scorer, and won a ACF Gold Medal
Chef Denlinger had the second amount of points, and also won a ACF Gold Medal, AND the People’s Choice award. The Peoples Choice award came complete with a groovy trophy, AND a gold ticket of guaranteed entry into the World Food Championship held in November in Celebration Florida.