Restaurant Manager Qualities: What Makes a Good Restaurant Manager?

Restaurant managers have a difficult job with myriad responsibilities. Effective restaurant manager qualities include strong communication skills, good stress management and proactiveness. If you are unsure of whether this is the right career for you, the following are the qualities every hospitality/restaurant manager should have:

Strong Communication Skills

Restaurant managers should be able to communicate clearly and effectively with vendors and employees. Ideally, they should be approachable and friendly but still authoritative enough to maintain order behind the scenes. Restaurant managers should also have strong social skills so they can build relationships with customers and make them feel welcome, comfortable and valued. When responding to complaints, they should be good listeners and empathetic to customers in order to maintain a pleasant dining environment and experience.

Good Stress Management

Restaurant managers routinely encounter stressful situations throughout the workday both in terms of personnel issues and disappointed customers. That's why the preferred list of restaurant manager qualities includes good stress management and the ability to stay calm and patient in a crisis. Effective managers also mitigate their stress by being proactive and anticipating issues before they arise (such as supplier issues, equipment problems and staffing shortages).

Physical Stamina

Managing a restaurant is tiring work that demands a lot of physical energy. Restaurant managers must be able to spend long periods of time on their feet while maintaining an upbeat, personable attitude.

Ability to Multitask and Delegate

Restaurant managers have a long list of responsibilities both in the front and back of the house. Keeping track of all of these tasks at once — and not letting any work fall by the wayside — requires the ability to multitask. The best restaurant managers do this by moving from task to task quickly. They must be decisive but also understand that completing all the work without help may not be possible. In these situations, restaurant managers must understand how to delegate responsibilities among other staff members.


Another important restaurant manager quality is the ability to be inventive. Implementing new ideas and approaches can motivate staff, increase profits and allow a restaurant to stay one step ahead of its competition. The best restaurant managers keep up with industry trends and always aim to improve, not simply coast along.


Above all else, restaurant managers must be passionate and have a strong will to succeed. The nature of the work is physically, socially and mentally challenging, so a passionate attitude toward the many tasks at hand is necessary.

Do the characteristics above describe your personality? If so, consider training to be a restaurant manager.

Photo credit: Flickr