Food Consultant: Retooling the Food Industry

Just who really makes the calls in the kitchen? Yes, the chef is in charge of just about everything and can throw their weight around pretty heavily in the kitchen, but what happens before he or she decides the menu? There are consultants involved at some point of the process and for someone that’s creative “consultant” can sometimes be a four letter word. However, if you’re looking for a career in the food industry and you don’t want to be on the frontlines of a kitchen, a career as a food consultant can be really interesting  Consultants are people at the peak of their career, and this requires plenty of professional experience and training.

Restaurant Consultant: The Puppet Master

As glamorous as the restaurant industry sounds, at the end of the day it’s ultimately a business and in business, the bottom line is king. That’s where a food consultant comes in since they have the opportunity to contribute or manage many decisions. For example in a restaurant atmosphere, a Food Consultant can be called in to make front-of-house decisions as well as kitchen decisions. This person most likely gets asked to help streamline processes and offer advice on how to cut costs and increase profits. They could help decide menu items that are cheap, but still offer the customer something to crave. There are many decisions and food consultants are right in the middle of it all.

Dietary Consultant: The Art of Improving Lives

Another culinary exploration as a food consultant could be in the health industry.  Where the role helps and consults with dietary plans, nutritional research and creating healthy menus.

Independent Food Services: The Artist that Influences

Food consultants also are huge in the independent food industry. A person helps create recipes for various companies, many of which could be household names.

In the culinary world, there are many avenues aside from being in the actual restaurant industry.  A food consultant is one that can play a key role in many decisions throughout the culinary field.

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