Seven Questions to Ask a Culinary School Admissions Representative

Regardless of whether you choose to attend Le Cordon Bleu or any other culinary school, it’s important that you get as much information up front as you can. It’s never good to be surprised after you’ve enrolled. Ask the following questions to the school admissions representative of every cooking school you are considering.

  1. What do the classrooms look like? Can I see a few?
    You’re going to spend a big chunk of your time in the classrooms of your chosen school. Make sure the facilities are comfortable and equipped with modern equipment. Ask to see more than one classroom, especially if it’s a big school. While one classroom might be fully stocked, the rest could be lacking.
  2. Who are the most popular instructors?
    Get a feel for whom you’ll learn from and an inside tip for the classes to sign up for.
  3. What is parking like at the school?
    Some schools have notoriously difficult parking. Find out about both parking and public transportation options.
  4. Are there scholarships and financial aid available?
    While the admissions representative may have to refer you to a financial aid advisor, you can at least get the basic information before you decide to apply.
  5. What sort of jobs have recent graduates obtained?
    If you have big aspirations for a culinary career, ask about the latest success stories.
  6. May I visit with a current student?
    It’s the culinary school admissions representative’s job to tell you about the school. But maybe what you’re looking for is a personal description of what it’s like to be a student. Don’t be afraid to speak with other students and ask for their honest feedback.
  7. Are there any alumni associations and career services assistance?
    Yes, you need to enjoy your time at school, but you’re making an investment in your future. Find out what resources the school has to help you in the long term.

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