Best Foods to Trim Extra Holiday Pounds

The holidays are far behind us and it’s time to start looking forward to spring and shedding the winter layer and those holiday pounds. In other words, it’s time to start actually following through with your New Year’s resolution of losing weight, starting with the extra cushion you put during the holidays.  Here are the best foods you can eat to help you trim those extra holiday pounds.

Focus on Fruits
You’ve heard it most of your life, “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.”  In today’s world when the temptation is to eat the fudge, cookie or brownie, an apple or any other fruit will help keep the doctor and the pounds away. 

Vary your Veggies
Of course if you’re going to eat fruits, you’ve got to eat your veggies.  However, don’t be afraid to mix them up.  Change colors every once in a while, try carrots, peas, beans or corn.  Maybe for lunch switch out that fast food burger for a nice salad.  This will help you not get “sick” of them and you’ll start shedding those pounds.

Calcium Counts
Milk, cheese, yogurt are great forms of calcium and offer plenty of nutrients to help you stay healthy.  Switching to low-fat, skim or 1 percent dairy will help you cut some calories and trim some of that holiday fat. 

Whole Grain is the Better Grain
When it comes to grains group, you’ll want to make sure that you keep half of your portion is whole-grain. Try eating a small bowl of cereal for breakfast, pastas, and breads to help you lose weight. 

Leaner the Meat the Leaner You’ll Be
When it comes to eating meat, set aside the steak, fatty beef and go lean. Try eating a turkey burger, use chicken when cooking meals, or take this time to help to expand your pallet and try eating a variety of fish.  When you go with leaner meats it’s a huge step in right direction for your waistline. 

When you think about trimming down from the holidays you can either try a trendy diet, which may, or may not work. Or you could simply eat healthy and exercise.  By eating and cooking with these foods  which are all part of the food plate and should be a regular part of your diet, along with regular exercise you’ll be on your way to trimming off the extra holiday waistline and starting a fit life.

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