Boston’s Most Famous Food and Drink

Most cities can lay claim to one or two local foods, but Boston is one of those places with dozens of foods with roots to the area. Here are the most famous (and popular) foods and drinks from Boston.

Boston cream pie – Having originated at Boston’s Parker House Hotel, this crust-less pie became Massachusetts’ official dessert in 1996.

Clam chowder – Maybe it’s the proximity to the water or maybe it’s the large number of Catholics who eat only fish and seafood on Fridays that has made clam chowder a popular Boston soup.

Seafood – Clam chowder is in a category of its own, but let’s not overlook all the cod, lobster, and clams you can find in and around Boston. If you’re visiting, check out Union Oyster House and Legal Seafoods for a local taste.

Cannoli – Boston has a vibrant Italian community in the North End. There you can find a number of restaurants and bakeries, including Mike’s Pastry where there’s often a line out the door for the cannolis.

Dim sum – You might not think Boston is a hot spot for Chinese food, but you’d be missing out if you didn’t visit China Town while you’re there. Give Winsor Dim Sum Café a try.

Baked beans – The Native Americans taught the pilgrims how to best cook with locally grown beans, which the pilgrims then adapted to include molasses and bacon. Over the years the recipe became known as “Boston Baked Beans.” Thanks to this tried and true side dish, Boston became known as Bean Town.

Cranberries – You don’t have to travel far outside of Boston to find a cranberry farm or a cranberry bog. Once you begin looking you’ll find many. Cranberries are the state’s biggest crop.

Samuel Adams beer – This brewery is located in Jamaica Plain, just outside of Boston. The brewery is named after one of America’s most well-known founders who also happened to be from Boston.

There’s more the Boston culinary scene than what’s described here. Share your Boston culinary experience.

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