5 Themed Cocktail Party Ideas

While cocktails are the heart of any cocktail party, the atmosphere and theme of the party can separate a mediocre event from a memorable one. Whether you are a culinary school graduate or simply a fan of entertaining, these 5 cocktail party themes are sure to shake up your next event. Understanding the culinary arts is essential to throwing any great cocktail affair.

A South of the Border
This works as a casual party that evokes the feeling of being on vacation while still brining in a theme and an awesome culinary arts menu. Have your guests wear casual and comfortable summer clothing. Decorate with large colorful paper flowers and colorful Mexican blankets. Use terra cotta planters to hold the finger food. Be sure to hang a fun piñata or two. Plus, some colorful sombreros can be place around on tables or hung on the walls to add to the décor. For the food, go traditional with chips and salsa, tamales, guacamole, mini burritos and a taco bar. The drinks should reflect the theme too. You have to serve margaritas, and shots of tequila. In addition, a party has to have music so be sure to play salsa music to set the mood. 

Psychedelic 60s

Have everyone dress up as a hippie or a flower child. You can decorate with psychedelic black light posters, tapestries, hang beaded curtains, put up peace signs, toss large pillow all around on the floor, burn incense and use black lights. The food should include cheese fondue with French bread and vegetable for dipping. Plus, consider serving sugar cookies shaped like peace signs and 60s flower symbols. The drinks for this party should be beer and wine. As for the music be sure to play Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Jefferson Airplane and The Doors among others. 

On the Boardwalk
This party has a beach theme. The guests should dress in beach attire and the decorations should have images of the sea. This type of party is ideal for the backyard. Set up kid pools filled with water and patio tables with umbrellas. The food should include shrimp cocktails, sushi, and fish sandwiches. For the drinks consider serving colorful cocktails with paper umbrellas. For music be sure to play the Beach Boys along with the song “Under the Boardwalk.” 

Wine and Cheese
This type of party can be casual or dressy depending on the preferences of your circle of friends. Have everyone bring a favorite bottle of wine and a specialty cheese to go with it. As the hostess, you can serve various types of crackers and fruit to go with the wine and the cheese. The Décor and the music is up to you and you can get as creative with the appetizers as you would like. If you want to make it look like a set from a top culinary school class, go for it! If you want to keep it simple and classy, that works too!

Movie Night
A movie night party is a casual one. Be sure you are prepared to show some classic movies. Arrange the furniture so that everyone can be comfortable yet still have an unobstructed view of the television. The food should include hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and dips. But don’t forget to have plenty of popcorn on hand. The drinks should include soft drinks and milkshakes. 

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