A Chinese New Year’s Menu

2013 is the year of the snake according to the Chinese Zodiac, ancient Chinese wisdom says that a snake in the house means the family will not starve.  In that case to celebrate the New Year you must have a big feast.  There are many different items that can go along with your feast. Here are few lucky menu items that will help you bring in the Chinese New Year properly. 

Noodles for Longevity

Traditionally noodles are a symbol of longevity. Either make a nice noodle soup or simply have a bowl of rice noodles and your dinner party will have a long happy life. Don’t be afraid to slurp your noodles, because the longer the noodle is, the longer and healthier life you’ll lead.  Cutting your noodles can mean bad luck.

Fish for Savings

In Chinese “fish” sounds like save more. Serving a nice sea bass or sweet and sour shrimp plate can signify that you’ll save more throughout the New Year.  After all, the more you save the more you earn.

Chinese Dumplings – Good as Gold

Rumor has it the more dumplings you eat during the Chinese New Year celebration, the more money you’ll make throughout the New Year.  Traditional dumplings tend to look like little gold or silver wrapped treasures. With plenty of flavors ranging from fish, beef, chicken or pork you won’t get sick of these nuggets of wealth.

Spring to Wealth and Happiness

Spring rolls are a common plate in every Chinese New Year celebration. Like a dumpling, they signify a gold bar and can bring good wealth in the year.  This sweet and savory treat can be either made of meat or vegetables. It adds a nice fried crunch to the menu.

Get Higher with Rice Cakes

Nian Gao means “getting higher,” whether it’s moving up in the workplace, in life in general or literally growing. In Chinese culture the higher you are the more prosperous you may become.  The combination of sticky rice, sugar, chestnuts, Chinese dates and lotus leaves are the perfect desert. 

Celebrate the year of the snake in 2013; include these menu items on your table and you’ll have good luck and wealth in the New Year.

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