How to Cook with Cranberries

Cranberries are a fall fruit most commonly known as the canned sauce that’s comes out of the can shaped like the can at Thanksgiving.  There’s a lot more to cranberries than you think, fresh cranberries can be used in many different recipes ranging from Dessert to dinner and even breakfast. 

Cranberries Perfect for a Savory Dish

If you’re craving a sweet and savory dish simply add a few cranberries in the dish to help you satisfy your craving. Cranberries can add a lot of flavor to chicken dishes. Simply use it to make a sauce to help cook your chicken in. Cranberries have also been known to be a nice in Pasta Carbonara.  One obscure dish that definitely gives you the sweet and savory is Mac and Cheese.  With a nice tartness and tanginess fresh cranberries are surprisingly a great compliment to many dishes.

Classic Dessert Dishes

Harvested in the fall you’ll start to see cranberries in many Dessert recipes around Labor Day. Some favorite Desserts include:

  • Cranberry Cobbler
  • Cranberry Cookies
  • Cranberry Chocolate Brownies
  • Cranberry Apple Pie
  • Simple Cranberry and Ice Cream

Other than a sauce at a holiday meal, cranberries are most commonly cooked as a Dessert. They may be the star of the dish or included as a flavor booster, cranberries help enhance any Dessert.

Cranberries for Breakfast

Cranberries are the fruit that can add a little tang to your breakfast menu.  Try Cranberry Banana Bread or cranberries in your oatmeal, cranberry date breakfast bars are also good, or simply eat them frozen with a touch of sugar.  Cranberries make for a delicious addition to any breakfast. 

Cranberries are very unique and often pinned to the holiday meals as a relish or sauce from a can.  Clearly when you put your mind to it there are many uses for cranberries, with the right recipes they can go a long way.

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