10 Ways to Cook like a Celebrity Chef

We see them on TV, in magazines and in the news. Their food is renowned their restaurants are world famous; Celebrity Chefs have taken over the culinary world. With years of training and service they’ve paid their dues and now everyone wants to cook like them. Here are 10 ways to cook like a celebrity chef.

Follow the Famous Recipes
Chances are if you’ve seen a famous chef on TV, than they most likely have one or two cookbooks out there. Pick up one of your favorite chef’s books and study their recipes. 

Watch their Technique
If you love watching TV, this is a great way to watch and learn your favorite chefs’ techniques, the ins and outs on their favorite spices, cooking styles and more. By carefully studying your favorite chef on TV you’ll easily be able to adapt their styles.

Experiment with Recipes
It’s virtually impossible to get a recipe right on the first try – that goes for celebrity chefs as well. They all have had years of tastings and experimenting.  At home, your family can be your taste testers. Don’t be afraid to make them try it; just tell them it’s just like Bobby Flay or Rocco. Don’t be afraid to try new ideas and different recipes. After all, practice makes perfect.

Make it Your Own
After you get comfortable with the famous recipe, go out on a limb and make it your own.  Try different spices, adjust it to how you would like it or your family would like to eat the recipe. Every chef puts their own spin on recipes, that’s part of the reason they’re famous. 
Quality Ingredients
One advantage chefs – especially celebrity chefs – have over amateurs is their ingredients. They get the highest quality ingredients on the market. Everything is always fresh, and top shelf. Try to get the best ingredients you can. This will help improve the flavor of the dish.            

Take a Course
Often with a little research you can find courses that will help you cook like a celebrity chef.  Learn new techniques, ingredients and more to use in your own cooking.

Find the Right Tools
Celebrity tools have kitchens full of unique cooking tools. This helps with their cooking style, try to build your kitchen with the tools and utensils celebrity chefs use.

Be Prepared
Chefs are always prepared for any recipe. There ingredients are ready, their kitchens are organized. Try to do the same. Prep all of your ingredients and organize your kitchen so that you can cook efficiently.

Don’t Be Afraid
If you want to try something new go for it, try and taste new foods. Get your pallet working to its full potential, try a new restaurant, a new cooking style. Celebrity chefs have specialties but they all are diverse in a bit of everything.

Have FUN
The most important thing is to have fun.  Enjoy cooking don’t get frustrated.

Follow these hints and soon you’ll be cooking like your favorite chef.

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