5 Steps to Making Perfect Pancakes

There’s no doubt that an all-time favorite breakfast is pancakes.  They seem so simple but in reality they’re pretty difficult to make. They can’t be too thin, too thick; they can’t be burnt or under cooked.  It always seems that the first one is always the worst and you’re never supposed to eat it. So, how do you make the perfect pancake? Here are 5 steps that will help you make every pancake perfect.

Step 1: Consistent Batter

A big part of the perfect pancake is the batter, and making sure that it’s consistent.  Make sure that there are no lumps and it has the correct thickness.  To do this, measure your ingredients precisely.

Step 2: The Touch of a Large Whisk

You may not think that the size of the whisk makes a big difference; after all, it’s just a tool to mix ingredients. True, but the larger whisk allows for more air to mix into the batter.  Use the large whisk to mix the batter just enough so that the dry ingredients are barely mixed in. Using a large whisk will help your pancakes become light and fluffy.

Step 3: Heat the Pan First

When getting ready to cook your pancakes, let the pan heat up for a few minutes before applying the cooking spray or fat.  This will help in ensuring that first pancake won’t burn.

Step 4: The Right Size Pancake

Avoid making your pancakes too large or too small. One ladle of batter is all you need to make the perfect pancake.  If it’s any bigger than it won’t cook evenly or if it’s too small than it may cook too fast and could burn. 

Step 5: The All Important Flip

Perhaps the most important part to the perfect pancake is the flip. When do you flip? Look for the batter facing to bubble when this happens you know it’s time to flip.  It’s important to flip each pancake only once or you risk burning it.

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