Planning the Perfect Summer Brunch Menu

Social occasions with family and friends are great in the warmer summer months. Guests do not have to worry about driving through snow and ice to get to your house. Children are often out of school during the summer. That means the whole family can sleep later in the morning. Naturally, as soon as everyone wakes up, they are ready for a great meal. It is often too late for breakfast and too early for lunch. Plan a summer brunch for family and friends to start a great summer day. If you enjoy learning more about cooking, perhaps culinary school would be a good choice. If you want to try your hand at some tips first, follow these simple tips.

Summer brunches can be served any day of the week; in fact brunch menus are becoming very popular in cooking school in San Francisco as well as other culinary schools throughout the country. If the weather is nice, then the meal can be served outdoors. Alternatively, there can be seating areas inside and outside. Food must be kept at the correct temperature. Hot foods should be kept hot. Cold foods should be kept cold. Use great caution in the hot summer weather to make sure foods that can spoil quickly are kept within safe temperatures. Brunches are usually served buffet style. Guests can choose from the dishes they enjoy the most. Have a wide selection of choices of brunch menu items. 

Eggs are a fantastic menu option for a summer brunch. Serve the eggs in various ways. Quiches can be prepared the day before and while they require a bit of extra work when compared to scrambled eggs, they often come out tasting like they came directly from culinary school. The quiches can be refrigerated and reheated immediately before the brunch. There are recipes for quiches that use many other ingredients. A version can be prepared that has ham, sausage or bacon. Other versions of quiche can be served that have vegetables instead of meat. Many fresh vegetables are available in the summer to add to the egg dishes. This offers a choice for guests who do not consume meat. Other egg dishes are stratas, omelets, pies, tortes and many others. Egg dishes should be kept at correct temperatures while on the buffet table. 

Grain products make a nice addition to any meal, including summer brunch. Whole-grains are a nutritious choice. Find a great recipe for muffins using whole-wheat flour. Use additional ingredients that are easily available in the summer months. Fresh berries can be added to muffins and are easily available in the summer. Guests love waffles and pancakes during the summer months too. Fresh fruit can be chopped and added to the pancake or waffle recipe. Alternatively, fresh strawberries, blueberries, bananas and other fruit can be used as pancake or waffle toppings. Syrups can also be made from fruits or the traditional maple syrup can be available. Have cold whipped cream available as an extra special topping for the waffles or pancakes. 

Other good proteins to serve brunch guests include bacon, sausage or ham. There are healthy casserole brunch recipes using breakfast meats with potatoes or other vegetables. Prepare versions of casseroles for vegans and vegetarians too. Soy protein can be used to replace animal products in brunch casseroles. Many vegetables are readily available in the summer. Provide platters of fresh tomatoes, broccoli florets, cucumber slices and other fresh garden vegetables. Create individual fruit cups with varieties of fresh summer fruit. San Francisco cooking school use farm fresh fruits and vegetables.  Fruit that can be used are raspberries, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, melons and other fresh fruit. The summer brunch should have a selection of hot and cold beverages. Fresh tomato juice, orange juice, lemonade, limeade, coffee, tea and milk are great choices for the summer brunch buffet table. 

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