The 10 Best Condiments That Every Good Cook Should Have

So you may think that when it comes to kitchen condiments you’ve got it covered. What may surprise you is that there are some very basic kitchen staples that every at-home-chef should keep on hand. Some you may have and others you may have neglected in the past. There are so many condiments from which to choose these days that some common popular condiments, like mayonnaise and Ranch Dressing just didn’t make the cut of the 10 best.  If you were to attend culinary school in Missouri, chances are you may even cook with some of these condiments! If you aren’t ready yet for cooking classes, try making some great creations on your own with the help of some of these amazing additions.

This list of 10 provides all the sweet, sour, tangy, salty, rich, spicy, and buttery flavors you could ever need to have the perfect kitchen.

  1. Sour Cream – From dips to sauces to making a base for any kind of noodle dish, sour cream can add a zip to any meal or, if you are feeling frisky, it works well in many dessert dishes too.
  2. Butter – Condiments just don’t get any more basic than butter.  Not margarine, butter.  Butter is great for braising onions and peppers for many dishes and is added to many recipes to add richness that is unmatched.
  3. Soy Sauce – More “salty” than salt, soy sauce can be added to stew, soup, and stir-fry of course.  It is great when you want that salty taste along with the ability to add body to your food.
  4. Mustard – This is the base yellow mustard.  Mustard can be used in numerous recipes to create flair and if ever you want a nice condiment for sandwiches or dipping, you can spruce it up any way you want.  One popular choice in recent years has been, naturally, honey, but you can add many other things to alter this fine condiment.
  5. Ketchup – From meatloaf to French fries, ketchup is a basic condiment that no kitchen should be without.
  6. Italian Dressing – This is great for marinating, everyone knows this, but have you ever tried using this stuff as a base for soup?  Lip-smacking good.  This is one of the most versatile condiments on the market.
  7. Cheese Sauce – Everyone loves cheese.  There is a lady who cooks everything…yes, EVERYTHING in cheese sauce.  Broccoli, Cauliflower, Green Beans, Beef, and perhaps even cake, although this last one is unconfirmed.  You gotta have cheese sauce.
  8. Hot Sauce – Not to be forgotten, many people like some heat with their food and this does not mean the temperature kind.  Hot sauce can be cooked with or added later; either way, it satisfies that craving for “hot.”
  9. Garlic Sauce – Not only does garlic sauce work well for cooking but it even keeps mosquitoes away.  The garlic leaches from your skin and the pesky blood-suckers will leave you alone—just like vampires.  A must for any kitchen, for you never know when Edward Cullen may arrive.
  10. Sweet and Sour Sauce – A famous line in a famous movie by a famous actor said, “Life is just not as sweet without the sour.”  Well, maybe, but without sweet and sour sauce, your kitchen will be lacking life, so you had better have some on hand.  It is especially good for making, well, sweet and sour pork, or chicken, or beef, or shrimp, or…

Well there you have it. Whether you are a seasoned cook or a personal chef for your family, these are some of the easiest additions to add to your meal. Love cooking? Why not try taking cooking classes at culinary school in Missouri? You may be surprised by what else you can learn!  Bon Appetite.

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