10 Kitchen Gadgets Mom Will Love

Show mom you think of her year-round with these thoughtful, time-saving and useful kitchen gadgets for Mother’s Day that will bring her years and years of creative “foodie” bliss. She doesn’t need to have gone to baking school to be able to create the culinary masterpieces she will be churning out in no time thanks to these many thoughtful cooking and baking gifts.

Cast Iron Cookware
Cast iron cookware is an ideal heat conductor. It heats evenly and consistently, and can last a lifetime. Cast iron cookware can go from stove to oven, never warps and is easy to clean. 

Immersion Blender
This must-have handheld appliance blends ingredients or purees food directly into the bowl or pan in which they are being prepared, thus eliminating the mess of pouring the mixture into separate containers. Immersion blenders are great for soups, sauces or even preparing baby food. They are convenient, lightweight, easy to use and to clean.

Flexible Cutting Boards
These cutting boards can be shaped or bent for ease of transferring chopped food. They are thin, which means less clutter for the kitchen and are durable and easy to clean.

Odor Absorbing Splatter Screen 
These are invaluable in protecting stovetops and cooks from messy splattering grease. Activated carbon filters out unwanted odors while cooking. These come in several sizes that fit most cookware and are dishwasher safe. 

Digital Measuring Scale
Digital measuring scales enable you to measure all your ingredients with accuracy. This is exceptionally important when it comes to baking. In fact, visit any baking school and they will undoubtedly have many different scales lining their classroom kitchen counters. Not only are these perfect for measuring ingredients and portion sizes, they can also be used to measure postage!

Digital Cooking Thermometer
These are priceless in ensuring that foods have been cooked at a temperature high enough to kill illness-causing bacteria. Simply set the desired temperature and the thermometer will alert you when ready by beeping.

Handheld Graters
Handheld graters are ideal for shredding smaller items such as cheese, garlic, coconut and other foods directly into a bowl or pot. Most have non-slip handles. Graters with larger grate plates are also available for shredding larger food items.

Tongs are an extension of your hands, allowing you to turn meat, vegetable or serve salad. They are useful from preparation to serving. Many styles of tongs are heat resistant up to 500 degrees and safe to use on all cookware, they are dishwasher safe as well.

Kitchen Shears
These scissors are made durable and tough. Not only are they used for cutting meats and cheeses, they can also be used as bottle-openers and nut crackers.

Wooden Spoons
A must-have for all “foodies.” These are versatile, will not scratch your cookware and since they are not metal, they remain cool to the touch while cooking and stirring. Wood also tends to absorb the flavor of food.

This year, if mom would love to learn even more ways to use these handy kitchen tools, perhaps you could give her the ultimate “foodie” gift – the opportunity to attend a Los Angeles culinary arts baking school!

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