How to Keep Your Champagne Bubbly Longer

When we think of New Years Eve we think of parties, loved ones and hopes for the New Year. When the clock strikes midnight the moment would not be complete without a glass of champagne and a kiss from the person you love but what do you do when the night ends but your bottle of champagne has not? Before you throw that bottle away here are some tips for keeping your champagne bubbly longer.

While there is no denying that champagne is at its best within a few hours of opening the bottle if you just can’t finish the whole thing in one sitting it can be stored overnight in the refrigerator and you have a few options for keeping those bubbles intact:

Champagne Stopper

This simple and inexpensive devise can help keep your champagne fresh and bubbly for up to 4 days. Most often made from plastic, the stopper clamps on top of any size bottle and creates and air tight seal to keep your champagne from spoiling.

Silver Spoon

While this method is often scoffed at by skeptics there is some truth to the silver spoon trick when it comes to keeping your bubbly bubbly. Just insert the handle of a silver or silver plated spoon into the neck of your champagne bottle and your champagne will keep its fizz for up to 24 hours.

Try Buying Smaller Bottles

Perhaps the best way to keep your champagne fresh and bubbly is to avoid having leftovers all together. If you don’t think your party guests will be able to empty the bottle or you are drinking alone try picking up a half bottle (375ml) or a half-split (187ml) instead.

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