Working as a Chef in the Hotel Industry

It takes two different but extremely important skill sets to become a successful chef: 1) creativity and 2) being a good manager. As a young culinary student or line cook, you must show a flair for creativity and the ability to create and prepare innovative recipes. As you progress through the kitchen ranks, you will be given more responsibility over the operations of the kitchen. You will have to learn how to efficiently manage goods, equipment, resources and people.

Nowhere are these two skills more in demand than as a chef in the hotel industry. Ascending to chef de cuisine or executive chef at prestigious hotel is not an easy task, but the challenge comes with many rewards.

FL Culinary Grads in the Hotel Business

The hotel business is a competitive one. Margins are not high and profits depend on guest bookings. Often, especially in higher quality hotels, a well-regarded restaurant can make the difference between profits and operating in the red.

A chef in the resort and hotel industry should be able to make a contribution not just to the success of the restaurant but the hotel as a whole. Hotel chefs are well-respected members of the hotel staff because of their ability to help the hotel differentiate itself from the competition.

With the many resort options available in Florida, particularly in the Orlando area, an excellent restaurant can really make a difference. Disney World alone has over 20 resort and hotels properties in Orlando. Each of them has a kitchen staff that must create healthy and fun menus for Disney guests.

Other Orlando resort attractions include Universal Studios Florida, Sea World, and Aquatica. Each of these attractions have resorts and hotels that provide lodging and food for guests.

Cooking in Orlando’s Hotels

Diners at hotel restaurants are often discriminating travelers who want to have memorable culinary experience to go along with the excellent customer service they receive from the hotel. It takes a skilled chef to meet their refined expectations. Culinary schools help prepare students for jobs at the many hotels, resorts, restaurants, and conference centers throughout Florida and the world.

Florida culinary program graduates are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the many opportunities available at the hotels of one of America’s biggest tourist destinations. You can combine your love of preparing and serving delicious food with the fun and sun of Florida..

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