Dinner Party: Why Cooking is Fun

Besides being a basic life skill that we all should have at least a basic understanding of, cooking and preparing food for ourselves and others can be one of life’s most pleasurable experiences. Let’s face it; it’s not only women who enjoy a nice romantic meal. And we all have fond memories that include at least one unforgettable food-related experience. Cooking and eating the fruits of our labor is one of the central pleasures of our lives. Good food, good friends, and good conversation meet many of our social and emotional needs as human beings. Start cooking today!

One of the best ways to experience the fun of cooking as a chef in California is gathering for a dinner party, where the central form of entertainment and interaction comes from the dinner that is served. And with so many choices of cuisines and cooking styles available, you can have any kind of dinner party that you can dream up.

Don’t stop at the traditional dinner party where guests are dressed up and engaged in polite conversation while sipping a fine white wine as the meal is presented. Run with it. Have fun, with your food … and your guests.

Here are a few great ideas for having more fun with dinner parties:

  • Barbeques – What’s your pleasure? Ribs? Pulled pork? Brisket? Whatever it is a good old fashioned barbeque is a great excuse to get together and have some fun.
  • Pot Luck – Don’t want the pressure or expense of preparing the entire meal yourself? Invite a few friends and have each bring a dish. Assign appetizers, entrees, and desserts to ensure variety.
  • Progressive Dinners – At a progressive dinner you double as guest and host. Each guest prepares a course for the meal at their own homes and guests rotate from home to home for tastings. These work best with 3 or 4 participants that live nearby or in the same neighborhood.
  • A Pairing Party – Similar to pot lucks, guests bring their own creations. They also bring a wine that is most suited to the dish that they are serving. This is a great way to learn more about wine selection and how it can improve future dinner parties.
  • Themed Parties – A variation on the traditional dinner party, the party revolves around a particular theme in both the food served and decorations. It couldn’t be simpler. Pick your favorite cuisine; plan your menu and decorating themes, and your all set. Increase the fun by asking guests to arrive in clothing or costumes inspired by your choice of cuisine.

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