Success Stories from Le Cordon Bleu Graduates

Alumni Achievement Series

Nearly 100,000 have graduated from Le Cordon Bleu campuses across the country. Their achievements are stories of success, dedication and passion. We are proud to feature a few of our alum who embody the Le Cordon Bleu's standard of excellence. We invite you to read their stories and get to know them through personal interviews.

Le Cordon Bleu graduate Paul Qui

Paul Qui

Chef Paul Qui, Le Cordon Bleu graduate, winner of Bravo’s Top Chef® season 9 and James Beard award semi-finalist, found his passion for cooking while waiting tables at a...Read More

Chef Suzy Singh, former Master Chef contestant, shares her cooking philosophy and experience with Le Cordon Bleu.

Suzy Singh

A familiar face to many, Suzy appeared as a contestant on Fox TV’s Master Chef – Season 2. It was at the Le Cordon Bleu campus that she was discovered by...Read More

Hell's Kitchen season 7 winner Holli Ugalde shares her passion for her culinary arts career.

Holli Ugalde

A childhood dream came true for Holli Ugalde, as she followed her goal of attending culinary school, working as a culinary profession, then taking on the challenge of competion...Read More

Chef Ron Aleman, following a Le Cordon Bleu education, worked towards his current position at Fairmont Chicago Hotel.

Ron Aleman

Dissatisfied with his sales profession, Ron Aleman decided to pursue his passion for cooking by enrolling in the Le Cordon Bleu culinary arts program in...Read More

Chef Jade Bowser works as a pastry chef for Walt Disney World Grand Floridian Resort.

Jade Bowser

As pastry chef for Walt Disney World Grand Floridian Resort & Spa in Orlando, Chef Jade Bowser “believes in the magic” of pastry through passion and training. After losing...Read More

After an education at Le Cordon Bleu, Chef Laura Slama followed her passion toward a career in culinary business.

Laura Slama

A Scottsdale local and owner of two esteemed culinary businesses, Chef Laura Slama recently became the star of her own interactive, web-based cooking show...Read More

Southwest Regional Recipe Specialist, Whole Foods, Austin, Texas

Robert Bellah

From beginning a new career to developing fresh, wholesome recipes for the 20 Whole Foods Market stores in the southwest United States, Chef Robert Bellah’s life...Read More

Le Cordon Bleu graduate Stephanie Izard

Stephanie Izard

In 2004, Izard opened her Mediterranean-influenced restaurant, Scylla, to rave reviews. Three years later, Bon Appétit magazine named Scylla one of...Read More

Chef Brian Malarkey exudes passion for his profession and Le Cordon Bleu gave him the education to help him get there.

Brian Malarkey

On any given day, you'll find him in the kitchen. At the same time, Brian practices marketing and public relations like a pro. He made it to the final four...Read More

Le Cordon Bleu education programs helped propel Jennifer Fields into a food-centric business career.

Jennifer Fields

Le Cordon Bleu helped Jennifer land an externship in the food section of Oregon's only major daily newspaper – The Oregonian. She also started her own...Read More

Chef Chuy Valencia dream of a culinary arts profession and reached his goal with Le Cordon Bleu's help.

Chuy Valencia

Born and raised in Sonoma, California to a family of ranchers and farmers, Chuy’s parents grew their own food in the backyard and always had...Read More

Career success will depend largely on the effort put into studies, job search efforts, experience and attitude. The experiences of these alumni is not representative of all students. Each graduate's story is unique and may not represent typical experiences or outcomes for our graduates. Graduates should expect to pursue entry-level opportunities in their chosen fields upon graduating.